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Corporate Identity packages are perfect way to create complete corporate style vitally important for any business. The standard Corporate Identity package contains all necessary printer-ready electronic files: logo, standard letterhead, envelope and business card layout.
Here you have many logos for your company. You can find some more samples in the ‘Full package’ option in left menu.
We think it’s always better to have your own customized corporate identity package because you will not find similar logos in different companies. We have a specialized corporate identity and logo designer who will present you the best option for your company. He can work your logo even in 3D or in a flash movie to give it his own live. Your corporate identity design is a very important part of your marketing plan. If you have a good logo and corporate identity in your business plan, you will have much more opportunities to be known by your clients and many doors will be opened to you.
You can choose between our pre-made corporate identity packages or ask for an exclusive custom corporate identity design for your company, so you will have your own identity for your business.


We can develop a complete Corporate Identity Manual or Branding Manual for your company or brand. In these manuals you'll have the masterful lines of the image of a company are designed. In him, the norms that are due to follow to print the brand and logos in the different internal and external supports from the company, with special emphasis are defined in which they will be the public.
The manual describes the graphical signs selected by the company to show its image as well as all its possible variations: forms, colour, size, etc. Then it explains his form, opportunity and place of use by means of the inclusion of graphical examples.
The corporate identity manual is therefore, a normative document that must guide the performances of the company in the matter of corporative identity. But, mainly, he is a consultation manual to which one is due to go to know what it must and is not due to do.
The contents of the manual are grouped basically in six great chapters:

  • Basic norms of construction and development of the corporative identity.

  • Signs to use in mass media of masses: public promotion, publicity, relations, etc.

  • Typography and elements of application to the communications of the company through stationery store: letter paper, you exceed, invoices, letters patents, calling cards, etc.

  • Signs to place in buildings and internal and external signalling: posters, indicators, etc.

  • Signs that will be printed in the motor pool: trucks, vans of distribution, etc.

  • Signs to place in equipment and uniforms of the personnel.

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